Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pure Delight...

About once a week my three year old and I head out for lunch. It is always so fun to sit and listen to him carry on a conversation about almost anything. It is a time when I don't have to say much, but just listen to his silly way of recalling time spent with his brother or friends. It is truly a delight to spend an hour listening to my little man.

So today I bring two projects made for the occasion...

If you haven't discovered it yet...Creative Imaginations has come out with real wood sheets. They are stampable, paintable, you can even die cut them, and much more! They are amazing and think I found a new favorite. I used it in each of the above projects.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Off to try my best to organize the never ending stack of toys scattered throughout the house.



  1. Andrea, soooo pretty! Love that you have a date with your boy...soo sweet!

  2. I love these projects. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. These are both beautiful! Love the one with the little house on it, just a tiny bit more!