Friday, March 12, 2010

There are rules...

Each and every day my kids say and do things that take me back to my childhood, and yesterday was no exception. It was right around dinner time when the usual uproar began and sitting down at the table with ants in their pants started to kick in. After a somewhat lengthy battle we gathered around in the living room for a rundown of the rules. It was then I had flash back of my childhood when my six year old said..."rules are boring and they are just not fair". In my mind I am thinking now I have at least twelve more years of coming up with clever ways of making the rules seem fun and sticking to it. These are the moments when I look to my parents to apologize and ask "how did you do it?"

Once the house was quiet, fairly early in the evening, I crept away to my craft room. Although the rain came down in buckets (and continues to do so today as well) I brought out the bright papers and got to work.

Hope you are enjoying your Friday. The weekend is upon us and I am ready to start in on our spring cleaning checklist. Now to find all of the easy ones before my hubby does :)

See you again next week. Will be back on Monday with a don't want to miss out!



  1. andrea, I just love all your girlie fresh creations! happy friday!!

  2. Darling creation. I love your style. Your work is so bright and refreshing.