Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's A Party...

As my littlest man is due to turn four next week (trying not to cry), there is so much to celebrate. Boy does he know what he wants. After a quick stroll down the cooking aisle yesterday at our grocery store he picked up a box of brownies and clearly stated "this is what we are having". I didn't ask questions, I put it in the cart, and we headed on our way. Then I have continued to persuade him on getting a new bike, but again he stated "a blue robot that you control, not a red one, just blue". With how many remote controlled items we have lying around the house...maybe not?

Along with getting ready to head out of town to the crowded coast this weekend I have been working hard to bring you many new projects in the coming weeks. Starting next Monday I will be brining you a project from all of the DT each and every day. I hope that you find as much inspiration as I have working with so many talented girls and products!

Two items before I sign off for today. First, the winner of the giveaway is... Amy!!! Congratulations!

Second, hope you didn't miss Freebie Monday over at MelJen's Design blog. It is not very often that I work on "boy" cards or altered items, so I was very excited to see this one.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thursday and enjoy creating!


NOTE: I know that there are so many creative people out there reading this :) Hop on over to and submit an altered art project for an upcoming issue. Looking for some great summer and 4th of july items. Contact me if you have any questions.