Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keepin it dry...

Well we are trying to keep our house dry, but something is lurking down below. After much detective work (cleaning a bathroom) we have found the most wonderful thing...A LEAK! So with heavy traffic in and out of our house over the past week I am checking into the "crafty den" and getting back to work. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient waiting on custom order requests, responses and standing orders. They almost wanted to block off access to my craft room and I was so close to throwing myself in front of the door. I am keeping positive and moving forward. SCRAP, SCRAP, SCRAP!

Two items before I go:

1. Check out my first tutorial for MelJen's Designs on paper piecing. I hope it brings lots of inspiration in playing with digital stamps.

2. Check out my first blog post for on creating your own fabric blooms. Lots of fun!

Now to get something accomplished other than staring at the torn apart bathroom. I did get to have a special lunch date with my littlest man today and had such great conversation. He kept wondering what it would be like to be a light on the ceiling shining down on me. Too cute!

Have a splendid day!



  1. Best of luck to you, Andrea! Our basement flooded last year when we turned on our outdoor sprinklers... we had to have a restoration company come in and repair the floors and walls in the guest room, bathroom and hubby's office... fortunately my craft room is on the other side of the basement! It was a mess and now I'm afraid to turn on our sprinklers again!! Have fun crafting!

  2. I'll take the leak if you'll take our recent appearance of roaches. {{shudder}}