Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it stinks...

The reconstruction of our bathroom is underway and boy does it stink! Although I want to flee I am unable to with workers in and out. So what can me and my little man do? We are tucked away in my craft room trying to keep busy. Hopefully this is the last day.

Beginning Friday I have someone coming to redo our patio/garden area (it is a MESS!). I do not have a green thumb, there is no way I can do it alone, and it is getting a little too hot outside for me to work (love the air conditioning what can I say). So after a few days of trying to figure out a garden design I am stumped. I can whip together paper in a way that makes it look interesting, but for some reason I cannot line up plants and stone in a way that it doesn't look like a pile of "stuff". It can't get any worse than it is right now, that is for sure.

So as I do best, and avoiding a few projects here and there, I bring a few cards that I created while locked away.

Don't ask me why I "picked" strawberries to go on this inspirational card. Something about the shades of pink were so soothing and beautiful. Dig to the bottom of your scrap piles, embellishment drawers and baskets to find something new to use on your project today. It is amazing how many little items you may have forgotten you had.
I have been finding ribbon in my drawers lately that I never thought I would use and so excited I have. It is a great touch to any card and by using a variety of color you can mix and match so easily.
Now to make my rounds in the house and hope that the smell has gone away, at least a little. I will be back here on Friday for a few new items, sneak peeks, and challenge reminders. So many fun challenges and prizes to be had in the next few weeks!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Beautiful cards! Good luck on the home improvement projects.

  2. Wow! That does stink :( At least you are making the best out of a bad situation :) Love that strawberry card, it is just so beautiful.

  3. Such gorgeous cards, Andrea! Love these :)

  4. your cards are soooo CA-UTE!!

  5. I heart that "live for today" card. Those papers and ribbons go so well today.. it's almost like you quilted it all together.

  6. Oh, I love the music notes! Lovely!