Thursday, June 24, 2010

a happy heart...

My children's laughter fills my heart with joy! I got the pleasure of lying down with my littlest man yesterday, to bring him from grumpy to smiling again. His favorite thing to do that gets him there quickly...wet willies. He isn't too sneaky about it, which is the funniest part. As his finger is in his mouth he asks me to close my eyes. It is a site to see and then begins this rolling laughter that echoes through the house. So after spending some much needed time with him, away from all of the outside noise and chaos, the smile that seemed to be lost midmorning had returned. This moment was a reminder that in two months I won't be getting time like this every day as he heads off to school in the fall. So for now...I sneak away with him to a quiet place to get a few wet willies, tickles, and goofy faces from him and just watch his little face light up.

Tomorrow is the Paper Garden Projects challenge and there are so many beautiful projects to be shared! Hope you can find a moment to stop by and participate. Also, I have been working on a few new felt and paper embellishments that will be in my shop tomorrow evening and over the weekend.

Enjoy your day and see you soon!



  1. what gorgeous cards. but what a beautiful moment spent!

  2. Love both cards :) You're so, so talented!

  3. So true.. thank you for the inspiration to slow down and hug!

  4. WOW! Beautiful vintage feel to these cards! just gorgeous!