Tuesday, June 15, 2010

something sweet...

If I could have a cupcake everyday...ohhh, wouldn't that be heaven. I have a sweet tooth, as I mentioned before, and trying to cut back as my son mentioned the other day that I have to have sugar everyday and it is just too much. Six years old and he is watching what I eat. So as I struggle to break away from the oh so wonderful ingredient sugar why not take it to the paper and create something just as sweet and fun.

If you haven't already hopped on over to
MelJen's Designs blog on Mondays...don't hesitate and go enjoy the freebies. I came across this image the other day and shocked that I hadn't used it...so here it is.
That fulfilled my appetite for about an hour...but make sure to pop back in on Thursday for the challenge for MelJen's Designs and much more sweetness to be had.

Well, off to get something else besides crafting finished today. Hope the skies are blue where you are today...a little rumble here and there today as it may finally rain.



  1. oh i'm with ya on the cake.... and this definitely looks good enough to eat! yummy, yummy!

    love the little bit of lace!

  2. Such a gorgeous card!! Love it!

  3. yummy! love the sprinkles you added :)

  4. This is such a cute and pretty card. I love the glitter on the cupcakes!