Friday, June 4, 2010

what a day for a giveaway...

Today my oldest "baby" graduated to the first grade. So exciting, sad, and proud all at the same time. As I was walking him into school he asked if I could let go of his hand....WHAT?!? I looked over to my hubby and shared with him what had just happened...that was heart little cuddle bug wants to be more independent and whether I like it or not that day has come. Maybe I can get plenty of cuddle time in over the summer and prepare for next year :)

So, as I wait for him to come home today I will share a few new items with you and my next giveaway!

First, two new cards for my
Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker blogs post today:

Supplies used: Will He Be The 1 paper, Ellie's Day Out paper, My Sweet Cherry Pie paper, cardstock stickers, cord brad, Flaming Butterfly stamp set.
I LOVE the record stamp in Dan The Record Man set, as I have used it in the past for a scallop border and in the card above used it for the water. Additional supplies used: Willow Bee paper, Will He Be The 1 paper, Dan The Record Man paper, pocket from cardstock stickers, U R My Favorite stamp set, alphabet stamp set.

Now...for the giveaway!

My good friend over at Maple Sugar Lane has been so nice to offer this item as part of this week's giveaway:
Along with these flowers from me...

For a chance to win these items leave a comment on this post by June 8th by 8:30 pm EST. At that time a winner will be chosen at random.

One more item before I go...
So long for now my friends. Off to prep for my Etsy listings :)



  1. Gorgeous projects! I love the dimension with the cupcake wrapper.

    Aw, what a bittersweet moment. My daughter is in 2nd (going into 3rd) and although she isn't cuddly in public, she still loves cuddling at home. I guess we need to take when we can get it before they grow up.

    Have a wonderful week end.

  2. I LOVE your innovative use of Nikki's Dan the Record Man papers!!! They are outstanding! I will have to remember your wave technique with those stamps!! Amazing!

    I would love to win your goodies! They are gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. These cards are great. You are so talented.

    My son graduated from 1st grade today also. I still cry on the first and last days of school. They're growing up too fast.

    Thank you for a chance to win those gorgeous goodies.

  4. wonderful projects my son is off to first grade next year and i know he going to not want me to walk him to the door anymore.

  5. Beautiful projects! Love them all and your flowers are just gorgeous!

    My daughter just graduated preschool.. I was so proud of her at graduation, she was so well behaved (for her!) and looked so pretty... I can't believe how fast she's growing up. She still loves to hold my hand, though, so for that I am thankful! I've got two hands and two kids that love to hold them! Whatever will I do when they outgrow that?

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. wow, your boy is growing up. i remember walking to 1st grade without my mom... i went with my sister instead (who was in 2nd grade).

    such lovely flowers you've made, and i LOVE that headband your friend offered...

    i also adore that cupcake wrapper you made :D

  7. As always beautiful projects Andrea. Enjoy your little ones!

  8. Awww your little one is growing up! They're so cute when they start wanting to be more independent!

  9. Do I like your felt blooms? Naaaah...I just love them!!!
    Congrats on baby's graduation :)

  10. gorgeous cards! and holy moly on those products!!!!! i should be that lucky!!!!

  11. Andrea, the cards are so SWEET.

  12. So sad! I dread the day my daughter starts PreSchool.
    I love the idea for the cute headband. Your fabric and felt flowers are my favorite!

  13. OMIGOSH...the cards are amazing and WOW..those felt accessories are to die for...

  14. Hi! My son graduated 1st grade this year, too! (small world!)

    He is growing up so quickly. Mmm. My heart melts for him!

  15. Always love your felt flowers and that headband is way too cute!

  16. So much cuteness all at once. I love all things to do with cupcakes, so that card's a winner!