Monday, July 26, 2010

and a happy day to you to...

I have always been the type of person to let others step ahead in line...say excuse me, please and thank a smile or wave hello. It has become a challenge everyday to find others who do the same...slow down and realize that not everyone is a road block in their path. So after an unpleasant encounter with a grumpy man on the road this morning I am happy to say that people like this will not ruin my day. I will learn from this, pay more attention to being kind and hope that it may have an impact on the people around me...eventually. Just a quick thank you to Patsy, Kate and each of you for showing me that there are genuinely kind people out there!

As the 365 cards Sunday Sketch approached this week...

"Celebrate Your Happiness" spoke to me. The soft colors, my favorite ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique and touches of felt mixed perfectly together to make something I can smile about.

Don't forget that there is only one day remaining in the card giveaway in the previous to go find new creations to create the next giveaway :) Also, Wednesday is my Whimsie Doodle challenge post that is sure to bring something sweet...MelJen's Designs challenge on Thursday...and Nikki Sivils post is right around the corner on the 1st.

Have a wonderful day my friends!



  1. Hello friend!

    I completely relate to this. When we are 80 sitting on our rocking chairs, we will have lots of love surrounding us... because of the love and kindness we show others.

  2. Please put my name in for your card giveaway. Your cards would make me so happy!!!!!
    Let me tell I understand difficult people.
    I filled in at my previous place of employment the last two weeks so the manager could take a week off. One of the two women who have been hired was just nasty to me the days we worked together. I had to keep reminding myself that I was there for the manager not this women. I also know the people who need love the most are the ones like this who are the most difficult.
    Hope you have a great week.