Friday, July 16, 2010

a new day another smile...

Life is good...most days, and slapping on a smile just makes life a little better. I was able to peak at my little ones photos, thus far, enjoying country life and my goodness do they have smiles stretching from ear to ear. My oldest told my mother that he loved it there because "they let them do whatever they wanted"...which means they open their back doors to two acres of landscaped yard and a pool and let them run free. I wouldn't mind running around there myself, but really hoping they will want to come home eventually.

Just a little to share before we jet off on a weekend getaway...crossing my fingers we don't melt in the heat. These were made a while back, but just getting around to posting them. I will be back with my 365 Cards challenge card on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend and hope your day is full of smiles as well!



  1. These are so gorgeous! A beautiful soft feel to them!

    those are your crafty style!!

  3. Cute cute cute love the pastel colors tfs

  4. I hope some of your 'shabby chic' talent rubs off on me. I love your work!