Thursday, August 26, 2010


We've completed our first week of preschool here and it had its ups and downs. The first day went well...him in his new clothes, put on his oversized backpack and strutted in the classroom as if he had done this a hundred times. I knew that at any moment, if I saw a hint of doubt in his eyes, I would have lost it. At pick up time he was all smiles and full of special events to share...which quickly followed with a cat nap in the car on the way to pick up big brother. Then came the second day...a struggle from the get go. He clung to my leg, neck and anything he could get his hands on. The tears began to run down his little cheeks and he kept repeating that he didn't want me to leave him. The teacher came over, took him by the hand and reassured me that he would be ok. As I walked down the short hall way I heard it...the cry quickly increased in intensity and would just have to continue out the door and hope for the best. So slightly worried today I proceeded with caution, but no need to worry after all...he had a terrific day with plenty of stories to share.

So as I take a moment to reflect on our week so far, I bring you today's
MelJen's Designs challenge and celebrate my little boys' first week!

This second card is using the recently released image, lovely little apron. I used the pocket as a little tag holder.Perfect little project for using all of those extra ribbons and trims!

Back to work on cleaning and sitting down to listen to my little first grader read another fun book...a part of my day I look forward to each day!

Have a fabulous day my friends and see you back here tomorrow for another fun project from Paper Garden Projects!



  1. Oh my gosh - both of these are absolutely adorable - the first I love how you popped the outfit and on the second - wow the apron with the little pocket is just genius!

  2. My gosh you are amazing! love these!

  3. I remember those pre-school days, and now he is 29. As a mom you never quit worrying about how they are doing.

    Your cards are really cute. You have the touch!

  4. Hey congrats-saw your friendship magnet and tin on Northridge Pub blog!
    You are stilling rockin!

  5. This little apron is too cute. I could see this as an awesome recipe card with the recipe on the inside. Would love to know how you did this.