Sunday, September 19, 2010

can you believe it...

Spent much of yesterday evening and my morning coupon cutting, shopping and practically jumping up and down with excitement over how much I saved today. Rather than spending my nights crafting I have a new obsession...couponing! After my dear friends introduced me about a month ago I can't stop...I am practically stalking the paper delivery man on Sunday mornings :) Finally I am getting the hang of this and my hubby sees it paying off...I drag him to the stores on Sunday to see me in action. If you haven't heard of it is an amazing site. Because of it this was my trip, just today, at CVS...

I spent only....$2.86 on everything! Just sharing with you why I get so excited.

When I haven't been clipping I have been doing a lot of card and costume making for the busy holiday season to come. I am attempting my second...hopefully more successful...costume this year for my son and starting way in advance to make sure it works out as I have imagined.

Anyhoo...on to the really fun part of today. It is time to share with you two made for the Sunday 365 Cards challenge and the second...well, just because.

This week the challenges images by Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and they are just beautiful! I took digital paper and cropped it to use just a few of the flowers. Additional supplies used: round leaf digi stamp (little layered flowers) from MelJen's Designs.

This second card was created using the same digi pack, little layered flowers, from MelJen's Designs. Loved the pink from the first so was drawn to it when making this card.

Thank you for stopping by today and allowing me to share my goodies. If you haven't already... make sure to check out the blog post below for two giveaways I have going through the end of this week. Just leave a comment on that post for a chance to win!

Have a wonderful day and after a morning of shopping and swimming it is time to snuggle up with my little men, watch a movie, and maybe take a cat nap.

'til next time...



  1. These are gorgeous Andrea! Love them! :)

  2. Beautiful cards! Couponing can be fun and addictive! :-)

  3. wow. Adorable stuff. love it and way to go on the couponing! love a good deal.

  4. Sweet deal at CVS! You did a great job...
    I can't believe you make those cards! They are insanely cute, very talented!

  5. Both cards are so fantastic. I was so drawn to the one on 365 Cards! Love it! And....under $3 for all that?! You go, girl!

  6. These cards are just gorgeous!! I love the colros you used all the time! Your work always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to create!

  7. wow I have never seen so many gorgeous creations in one place your work is just amazing!!!!

  8. I found you thru Meljen's blog and absolutely LOVE your crafts! You do beautiful work. I too have become addicted to couponing. You've probably heard of it but if not try She's got tons of deals on there.
    Thanks for sharing all of your work!