Thursday, December 30, 2010

when its cold outside...

Yes, even in Florida this time of year it is chilly and I tend to stay indoors. What better way to spend an afternoon, rather than cleaning of course, but to pull out my newly organized crafts and play a little. I am beginning to realize that my little ones ( longer that little) allow me to have plenty of free time as they hide out in their rooms playing with all of the toys they just rediscovered and received. We have come a long way from the bottles, sippy cups and now even having to get them something to drink at all. Such great little men.

As I craft and craft away I come to my MelJen's Designs creations. Trying to play catch up with all of the amazing digis and here to share two cards with you today for the Thursday challenge.

Created using Cozy Winter Owl, County Star Ornament, Snow Ornament, and holly leaves freebie.

Created using Cozy Little Chickadees and my favorite ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique.

Here is a little peak of what I will be sharing over the coming weekend.

Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Maybe I will have to celebrate it with crafting projects to share...hmmm, sounds fun.



  1. Have missed you so. Glad you were able to have the time you needed away. You are so gifted and I enjoy checking every day to see if you have updated your blog.
    Let me tell you it does get better when the boys start to drive and don't need you as much. Mine now are adults. One is starting grad shcool in Jan but they both are at home right now. It seems the only thing that doen't change is picking up after them.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Andrea! Your style never fails to delight! I just love these cards!!
    Hugs to you and a Happy New Year, too!
    Dee Sprytebyrd's Spot

  3. Love the thinking of you card!

  4. So sweet, so beautiful!

    Happy 2011!

    Saskia :)