Tuesday, February 15, 2011

and I sit alone...

My mother departed early this morning and my crafting buddy is gone. I kept saying that if we lived near each other we would never leave each other's craft rooms. We crafted for days...trying to come up with new flower designs, playing with lots of material and couldn't be complete without almost daily trips to the craft store. Although our styles can be different it is fun to mix and match ideas and come up with something we both love. So today I wanted to share one project that kept swimming around in my head after picking up some lovely new fabrics in which my mom made the perfect flowers to embellish it...

I don't know if you have a flower that you have loved since you were a child, but I sure did...daffodils. I grew up in the country...far from where I live now...on two acres with forests all around us. On most spring and summer days you could find me searching for patches of these flowers and I made sure to pick them all. There are beautiful. Maybe it is the simple layers, bright yellow centers or just the pure enjoyment of finding so many all bunched together. I don't know how many bouquets were made and set on our dining room table...but I sure do miss those days.With the bold colors of the fabrics and flowers this banner was extremely fun and easy to make. Now if I could only fill my garden with these flowers and they wouldn't be eaten by tiny little critters.

Just a reminder that I will be posting again in my Etsy shop and have made sure that all items are of the highest quality! I will begin listing on Thursday and hope you can stop by my blog here to share a few more projects with me. Let's just see what's swimmin' around in my head now.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Daffodils happen to be my favorite flower (as is apparent from my blog header lol!) This banner is absolutely STUNNING!!! Makes me wish I sewed ;)

  2. Oh, I love your new flower design! Really, really lovely! I am so very sorry that your mom left today. I know that can be a day with a lot of deep breaths. I'll be thinking of you today and sending you {{hugs}}