Wednesday, February 16, 2011

burlap anyone...

As I may have mentioned my mother and I made many trips to the fabric section of the craft store recently and as I walked up and down the aisle I couldn't help but smile. The colors, textures and patterns just draw me in. Sometimes I wish I were a quilter, but really...don't have the time or patience for cutting and stitching so many elements to one blanket. So I do what I can and add them to my projects where I am not usually required, or do I ever, have to have a straight edge. This past week I was looking for some felt and right below was this creamy looking burlap. Rough...rugged, a little shabby chic and vintage feeling (at least that is what my mind was thinking). After completing two new projects I wanted to share the result.
I found this fabulous yellow floral fabric and love the touch of color it adds to a fairly light colored set.

Wrinkle ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique.

What I found with the burlap is that you can peel away strands that act as twine...and for only $2.49 a yard it was such a bargain.

Hope you are having a splendid day. My littlest man is home with an upset belly today and am lucky to spend some cuddle time with him. Until tomorrow my friends...


  1. more beautifully stunning creations Andrea, the colours are lovely together and the burlap looks fab!

  2. I really would like to know how you make such beautiful projects. Do you put items on top of each other to see if they are pleasing to the eye? Do you sketch? Do you die cut lots of shapes of paper and then scatter it on the table making different stacks?
    Whatever you do it looks effortless!
    Hope your little one is feeling better!

  3. miss andrea,
    I am a new fan and i have been a daily visitor for the past week.
    I just wanna let you know that i am inspired by your work.
    Thanks so much.

  4. oh Andrea, you make the prettiest things!! Yes I bet you miss you momma. I would miss mine too if I weren't still staying at home ;) ... and your cards, tags, and pockets? so sweet!

  5. Such fabulous creations! I love the soft colors and the burlap is a very neat textural element. Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  6. Stunning!! what more can I say ..