Friday, February 18, 2011

it's back...

After two weeks of a very cranky almost seven year old roaming our house...his bright smile and unforgettable giggle is back. We had almost lost it and he seemed to really believe his world was crashing down around him. Thankfully we broke through his little wall and crossing my fingers we don't see it for atleast a couple of weeks...please! Us parents need a break. With his birthday celebration just around the corner I am hoping that we are all smiles. This year he requested a a very specific theme...Super Mario Bros. So I went to work on his invitation and ended up with this...

If you are familiar with Super Mario Bros. this will hopefully be clear what it is. After completing twenty of these my little man was so excited. Now to make the favor boxes, cupcakes and cupcake picks.

A little bunny crafting for myself last night. My hubby actually wanted me to craft the night away since I seemed to be having so much fun. After using the little bunny die cut yesterday to dress up a card I moved to a pocket of tags. I received this white bag with an order I received yesterday and I couldn't help but stitch it and tuck something away inside...

Used a little bit of pink vintage lace (ruffled at the bottom), ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique, string from my burlap scrap pieces to tie on the vintage buttons, and found these little glass hearts in this mix from Joann's called "bead soup". If you ever get to Joann's and head down the bead aisles and come across this container of beads for about $9...
...look closely (I already took out the beads, but just to show you the container). There are so many amazing pieces in it and if you use a 50% coupon it is only $4.50! Great for crafting and comes with many jewelry pieces as well. The beads used on the end of each banner penant the other day was from this bunch as well.

Hope you are soaking up the sun today. The cranes and water birds in our pond have been taking the mornings to wade in the water and gaze into the early sun. Quite a funny picture each morning on my way back from school drop-offs. Enjoy the extended weekend and I am going to go tackle that last little bit of laundry and go pick out some paint and flowers today.




  1. Oh, what a lucky, lucky young man! Those invitations are amazing!

  2. Love it! :) We had a Mario party last year.. oh it was so much fun!

  3. LOVE the invites Andrea - you talented chic you! And am thrilled to see your etsy shop filled again with your amazing creations.
    Keep up the creative inspiration ! And hope your little man's smiles sticks around! My 3 year old girl would give him a run for the grumpy prize many days too!!

  4. Those bunnies are so so adorable!!!

  5. Love the bunny tags! Where did you get the bunny die?? Or who makes it? Thanks!

  6. Oh my gosh Andrea these are the cutest things ever!!