Thursday, February 17, 2011

to new beginnings...

My good friend Karey asked me yesterday how I go about designing. well...I find that images pop up in my head (quite often I have to say) and it kind of snowballs from there. Yesterday, for example, I had this tag design in my head. The flower die cut and framed circles stuck in my brain and it was a priority over the enormous pile of dishes to put something together this morning. A few glances into my scrap bin and away I go. I truly believe that you can't limit yourself. Whether it is a new color combination, material or technique...push the envelope and just try it. I do have projects that don't get photographed :) I came across these pearl stick pins in the floral department of the craft store which I love and were quite affordable! All I did was added a couple of glass beads and they help add a little color to the top of the tag. A few days ago I cut out three green, pink and cream cardstock tags. I knew I wanted to make them each unique to celebrate the coming of spring. So after sharing with you the pink and cream tags...the last tag on this little journey is...Finally, an Easter card with this little bunny. Again, I used the stick pin with glass beads to add a little more color and embellishment. If you get a chance to stop by my mother's Etsy shop at to see her new hair pieces and pincushions that would be wonderful. I will be posting, later this evening, flower embellishments in my shop that she used on some of her pieces.

Off to fold some laundry...which by the way never seems to end. Not my favorite chore and probably never will be. What is your most dreaded house chore? Everyone probably has one...right?

Have a spectacular evening!



  1. Fabulous tags! I am off to check out both you and your mom's etsy shops! TFS!

  2. Loving your shabby style! The use of materials on each project is incredible! :-) Amy