Monday, February 28, 2011

vintage bloom...

Today I had fun digging through my ribbon drawers to find some lovely, creamy vintage lace...

I spent much of yesterday window shopping with my best buddy and the time seemed to fly by. Our first stop out was Starbucks, of course, and off we went. I think we talked more than looked at anything, but it was a wonderful day. Came home to a clean house...thank you hubby...and to two exhausted boys. I have been feeling like spring cleaning is just right around the corner and I am not sure where to begin this year...the closet of stuff the kids have outgrown...scrubbing at the tile grout...or painting a few rooms. They all sound like so much fun, right? So as I am trying to decide each day I craft...A pocket of tags that will be posted in my shop by this evening. Thought to mix and match a little this time.
Think I may tackle the smaller closet today...hopefully...maybe. Have a great day!