Monday, March 21, 2011

asleep in his bed...

Hope your weekend was filled with many happy moments. After a few packed days of an art festival, bike rides through the neighborhood and a combination of spin and yoga (first time together for two hours) that nearly broke me...our littlest man found a flu bug somewhere along the line and it decided to take up residence in his little body. It is so difficult to see him all achy and not have enough tricks up my sleeve to make it vanish more quickly. Now...on the road to recovery and sleeping once again this morning...I am getting a little quiet time and working on a few projects that I get to share with you this week.
Ok...this pink wrinkle ribbon from
Prairie Bird Boutique used in the cards below is to die for. It is electric, cheery and all around beautiful.

Had fun playing with fabric and color today...especially pink. Hear my little man scooting around the house so need to start my nurse mommy shift and lock up the craft room for the day again. Hope you have a great start to your week and I will be back tomorrow for a Creations by AR blog hop.

Until tomorrow...



  1. im adoring these beautiful works of art, gorgeous :) TFS :)

  2. these are so fantastic! You have been super busy creating and love the designs you have made! :-) Amy

  3. Lovely! I especially love the first one!

  4. Beautiful cards, I love all the colors and details!

  5. Fabulous cards Andrea, gorgeous colours!

  6. Each one is cuter than the last! hmmmmm,even though it just snowed, again, your cards have me thinking spring...:D