Sunday, March 13, 2011

doesn't work that way...

I have been known to be the one to head to the gym or walking most evenings...the key word here is "have" after a couple of years of trying to pick it up again this morning's tennis workout really showed me why it is important to do something, anything on a more regular basis. Wow! I am sore from head to toe...seriously. I find that I get so competitive with my hubby and end up taking it a little too far physically. Something comes over me when I put that racquet in my hand...probably very similar to sitting in front of my die cutter. After a slight migraine and my hubby thinking I was about to have a stroke (a little dramatic) I am back to relaxing and enjoying my Sunday. My little men have been separated by a greater distance today as one left to help with errands and my youngest stuck around home with me. It's quiet...ahhh! I have recently rediscovered my drawer of stickers and rub-ons and starting to put them to work in my projects. I have several sketches drawn for cards to come so be on the lookout...Made a few new sets of bunny tags this weekend. I will be posting more items in my shop beginning tomorrow, Monday, evening if you wanted to stop in.
I have something special to share tomorrow and I will be going to work on new felt and fabric flowers for my Etsy shop. Now to maybe finish my spring cleaning from last weekend which is still scattered all over our hallway upstairs.



  1. Where do you live? I want to come play with you so you can teach me how to get your 'look'! You are one of my favorites! I absolutely love the softness and pastel-ness of your cards! LC

  2. These are super cute!! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Two more fab creatons Andrea, love your flowers, and those bunnies are soooo cute!


  4. Oh my goodness these are soooo cute!!!!

  5. Love, love, love these! So cute and festive!