Friday, March 11, 2011

for the love of color...

Vintage pincushion from

There has been something about this yellow that immediately puts a smile on my face. You have seen me use it in my felt flowers, papers and I am beginning to see it out in the stores everywhere...or at least I am being drawn to it that much. I was opening a package of new, amazing hand-dyed ribbon from my friend over at Prairie Bird Boutique and I lit up...turned to my hubby and said "doesn't this just make you smile?"...he obviously didn't get it. As fellow crafters I am sure you can understand. We surround ourselves with color in our homes, in what we wear and if you are an artist it is gives you a chance to mix and match to your heart's content. So lately my crafting has been about mixing and matching colors, prints and just a little bit of this and that...
Created another mini card set with lots of color...really, a lot! Ok...maybe I am going overboard, but I can't help it...some papers do not make the final cut so it shows I have boundaries :) Using my new wrinkle ribbon to finish off this set...another color I can't get enough of right now...Finally, found this fabric circle and stamped flowers sitting in my scrap bin and thought to throw them together to create this happy little card. I have felt so blessed to have met so many amazing friends through this blog, design teams and "the shop" and I am always drawn to using this sentiment as a little thank you to all of you! Life wouldn't be the same without friends...that is a fact!


  1. Your cards are super cute!!!!!

  2. You make such beautiful cards, a true inspiration! :)

  3. I so love your style and your layouts, Andrea! That first one with the way you added the ruffles and tilted the little label is too cute!

  4. I am in love with all 3 of these cards!!! Everything about them!

  5. great cards! they are all so cute.