Friday, March 4, 2011

picking a color...

As my spring cleaning is just small linen closet purged many no longer needed baby blankets...I am in the mood to paint. I am finding that this house is in needed of some good cleaning, little maintenance projects popping up here and there and a fresh coat of paint in a few of the rooms. I am not one to bring home swatches, hang them on the wall and think about it for too go in with something in mind, stand at the paint swatches for five minutes, pull out the ones I fall in love with and have them start the mixin'. Usually it works out pretty well, or at least I make myself love it over time. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is not the time when I paint the room and it just doesn't work.
I created two mini card sets this morning as I wanted to fill my day with as much color as possible. I used a combination of papers from my scrap bins, fabric, felt and a variety of stamps that were calling out to be used.The second set...

So update on kitty...she is back home adjusting. My seven year old is on kitty duty to make sure she stays out of trouble...he takes his self assigned job very serious. Off to go use our new tool set to move around a few shelves. Hoping to bring a fresh look to our bedroom without having to bring in anything new. Let's see if I can pull this off...



  1. I love these. You work so wonderful with color! I love it, Beautiful!

  2. Wow! These are so beautiful! I love the colors!