Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what's inside...

So today was going to be a typical school day. Kids off to school, stopped by a department store to check out new curtains for our bedroom and headed home to pack a few orders before the pickup routine began. That all changed when I came home to find our kitty...well, teenage kitty...was not feeling well. We were off to the vet and she has now undergone surgery to find that she had a belly full of string. Seems like she likes my crafts for a different reason...agh! So to sum up the day I am tired, feel horrible and all I keep thinking is that I have to do something to ease the pain for my hubby. As I try to clean the house...and find all of the stray pieces of string around the house...I did manage to create one card which is probably appropriate for today.

Wrinkle ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique.

Thank you for letting me share my day. Who knew a cat would love eating string that much? I broke a pocket mirror the other day and my hubby was quick to point out the seven years bad luck, which we don't really believe...but now...?

Hope you are having a fantastic day and that if you have a kitty that it is behaving.



  1. So sweet and delicate card! I love it!

  2. Such a pretty card Andrea. Sorry to hear you have had an awful day, hopefully things will be a little better for you tomorrow. It could be awhile before your kitty feels like eating anymore string ! But best to hide it just in case.

    take care,


  3. So sorry about your poor kitty! Hope he's better soon!

  4. Beautiful card. I LOVE the flowers. Hope kitty is feeling better.

  5. Oh, you poor dear. I'm so sorry. I'll be hoping your tomorrow is much, much better!