Friday, April 1, 2011

it's back...

The sun is shining again after two very long days of nothing but rain, wind and a bunch of thunder keeping us locked away indoors. For the kids...not so happy to be stuck inside, they made the most of it on their break and built a kitty hotel out of couch cushions and pillows both days. They were entertained while I got a little baking...some yummy granola and frosted brownies... and crafting in. So today I get to sit in a quiet house as my wonderful hubby took the day off to take the boys out on an adventure, giving me a much needed break. Love my kids to pieces, but do need some time to recover from a very busy mom far. Created this card by dipping into my Maya Road collection of this and that's, used a little ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique and fell in love with a few new sheets of paper I purchased recently. Before I go...the winner of the headband from Practical Elegance is LINDA C! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and took the time to check out my mother's shop. Off to clean a little...have to make it look like I have been doing something more than crafting today. Have a wonderful weekend and will be back all weekend with new items in my shop. Andrea