Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday...not so bright and sunny here this week, but find that it is keeping me indoors working away making cookies today, sewing on a few projects and getting ready to clean up before hubby comes home. Wanted to share a couple of projects I have completed today that will be posted in my Etsy shop tomorrow, Saturday. I have mentioned that I have been inspired by a few items I saw in the many vintage shops on my time away and bringing that to my projects this week...well, at least I am trying to do so.This hanging heart is much like the felt ones I have created in the past; however, this time I made it a little larger, used large alpha stamps from Pink Persimmon and added a jewel to the bottom.
My mother and I love fabric and went on a bit of an adventure while out and about. Found a store that had amazing colors and I could have bought them out if it weren't for a luggage space issue. Off to clean up the powdered sugar from our tea cookies...with the added green sprinkles baked inside. This was all thanks to my little man who loves sprinkles and the only way to satisfy his need for something sweet that didn't require a trip to the store. Have a fantastic day and will be posting in my shop starting Saturday and would be happy to take any custom orders at that time as well. Also, my giveaway will be posted Sunday...probably will do a heart similar to the one above.



  1. You are a master at your craft. Thank you for sharing!
    Janet Cooney