Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the vintage adventure...

How quickly a month has come and gone and we are resting back into our daily routine here...which also means I am back to crafting. The Pacific NW is so inspiring and beautiful this time of year. Plenty of hiking adventures to take in all of the amazing smells of the forest, gigantic trees, the sounds of rushing rivers and even a little snow along the way. With everything in full bloom there I spent most of my evening pulling weeds and dried up plants from my garden...as if my Florida patio garden can compare to the two acres of amazing plants on my parents property. Our adventures were plentiful and so many places visited that were on our to do list. The puppy dog above is my "brother" who just turned sixteen and was more into relaxing than socializing :) While in Oregon vintage shops were almost on every corner...same for the coffee shops. Amazing finds and wish I could have taken them all home...didn't think a six foot tall iron garden gate would have been accepted on the plane though. I did come across a few vintage buttons, baskets and table linens that are being placed about my home and put to use once again.
Created this hanging sign from all of the amazing inspiration, which is still filtering through my head. You may be seeing more vintage inspired projects from me this month as I dream of all the adorable pieces I saw. Happy to be back and ready to share more as the days go by. I hopefully will get a giveaway put together by the end of the week so be sure to check back!


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