Wednesday, September 28, 2011

they are coming out...

My little men are ready...let's find the boxes, head to the store and start to decorate. We are going full Halloween here and ready to put up those decorations...a little new and old. Only a few more minutes and then we are off to the store to pick up a few more decorations to add to our small, but fun collection this year. My littlest pointed out that we do not have any green men...which I am sure he is referring to Frankenstein. So...we are on the hunt. My hubby does not like the whole decorating "thing"...but as our boys get older and really start to enjoy this time of year...why not? So in the spirit of today...Created my own large buttons from chipboard, circle die cut and my pretty papers in the scrap bin. I recently purchased yet another beautiful collection of vintage buttons from Remember Me Emily over on Etsy and came across these amazing vintage tags she had. You tear them, which leaves a great edge on each side and stamp away. Punch a little hole to secure it to the ribbon with a stick pin.


...Just a quick note. I will be stocking my Etsy shop with some last minute Halloween goodies this weekend. They will be ready to ship and just in time for Halloween! Also, be on the lookout for Thanksgiving and other holiday items to start invading my shop later next week.

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  1. Es super bella esta tarjeta muy elegante, me encanto!