Monday, October 24, 2011

cookin in the kitchen...

Not spending much time in my kitchen lately. Between house projects, bike rides and celebrating birthdays...our counters have become more of a resting place for papers than food. However, the other night I pulled out my polymer clay and got to work making these candy canes. They are so fun and simple...perfect for holiday scrapping this year. Made a few more for future projects.
Attached them to the card using Glue Arts U-Cut It Foam and a little craft glue. Hand cut the felt for the holly leaves and added the ribbon with a button to finish off the embellishment. Found a few stamps that haven't been used since last year...or maybe even the year before to complete the piece. Polymer clay is easy to work with and so much fun. Miss Art's Papercrafting School just released a course on this I believe as well too. Well, the time has come to put my little men to bed. A short school week and so excited that I don't have to leave the house at all this week either. Sometimes that running around can drive me a little batty.