Saturday, October 1, 2011

scare easily...

This time of year can be fun for some, but quite spooky for others. My seven year old tends to run screaming from store that have too much Halloween. It is amazing the type of detail, size and realism in some of these "decorations". We know we will not be bringing home a seven foot tall skeleton any time soon. So we have our own fun with it. Glitter and bright fun colors are the way we roll and I am perfectly fine with that. It is the "cute" that I love the most. So on to creating our vision of Halloween and bringing you a little cute and vintage to this Saturday. In the card set above I created a simple consistent layout with each, created more chipboard buttons with a little added glitter, and tiny safety pins I have had for ever. Used a little Prairie Bird Boutique ribbon on each to really add color.In this card, I wanted to use an owl stamp, but just a little different...and hope that other's may see my vision as my hubby said it looked like a sack on a tree limb. I wanted to create a little vampire owl who was gazing at the moon. Hit or miss...I think it was exactly what I had swimming around in my mind.

So this has been an exciting week here. It is official that I am on the oh so talented
Epipnany Crafts DT...yeah! Love their products...and use the punches daily. I am now a Gel-A-Tina with some amazing designers. Last, but not Fabric Frills class is out today. Here is a project you are able to create in one of the classes...If you are a new to creating fabric and felt pieces or looking for some new ways to use them...this class is for you! Hope you have a fun filled weekend. Time to garage sale and the weather couldn't be more perfect out today. The humid has played a vanishing act and the sun is shining.


Note: I will be listing in my shop tomorrow all day if you are looking for more Halloween treats, felt flowers, tags and gifts! Also, head on over to Glue Arts for the following...

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