Friday, October 21, 2011


Thankful for so many things and the list keeps on growing. After a day of bumps, oops's and close little men were tucked safely and quietly into bed and woke up this morning with smiles. It is a habit of mine to still sneak into their rooms while they are asleep...before I head off to bed myself...and give them each a little kiss on the cheek. I wonder if I will still do this five, ten years from now...I can only hope. So as the days go by, Thanksgiving is nearing and the season of giving thanks and spending time with our friends and family is right around the corner...I turn to my love of crafting to show how thankful I truly am for everything.
Created this pocket using two scallop circles, stitched together on three sides. Used a Paper Fashions Etc. vintage recipe cards to create the background on the green and blue circles, which have been die cut and mounted on the front of the pocket. Also used the fall is in the air leaf.
Perfect little set to give to those you love this season! Wishing you a wonderful weekend...only one week left until Halloween. I will be back tomorrow to share my mother's creations with you. Also, I am having a weekend sale in my shop of felt flowers and tags.



  1. We've already had thanksgiving here in Canada, but I also enjoy using the occasion to thank close friends and family. Your projects are gorgeous as always!

  2. yes canadian here also..but there is always a time to be thankful..i so appreciate your beautiful projects..tfs..loves ya

  3. What a fun idea using the recipe cards to create interest and texture in the background. Great projects, Andrea.

  4. you make Gorgeous cards!!! I've seen your cards at practical scrappers!! Fab inspiration!

  5. Great project Andrea! So creative, so warm and inviting.