Friday, November 11, 2011

carried through...

While crafting these days I enjoy pulling out stamps which I feature on all my projects for that day. Today was no exception as I rediscovered a lace border stamp set from My Mind's Eye...I usually pick two sentiment set and one frame or border set. It is a fun way to challenge yourself, bring back to life stamps that may have been tucked away too long and while you have them out and inked why not create a few projects all at once.
Something about my crafting today...bright, bold and pretty in pink. Here is a picture of some new felt flowers I created for my shop today as well...I recently began watching a new creative challenge show...Project Accessory (if anyone is a fan of these shows)...need something to do when I am crafting in the evening. Never being an accessory wearer myself I find it difficult to relate; however, another amazing display of talent. I often can't believe the critic they receive after getting such a short time to create and in the environment they are in. Let's bring it to our creative may be like saying you are given ten minutes to create a card using toothpicks, real grass and color go. Can't imagine. Sometimes it takes me an hour to create one card. Try to find the right color, embellishments and stamps. Oh boy...looks exhausting, but I guess that is why it makes for great television. At the end of it all the winner probably walks away knowing they could handle any challenge. Ok, enough reality television talk. Have a colorful day...weekend...and challenge yourself with something creative today!



  1. I know what you mean, Andrea! Your felt blooms are BEAUTIFUL!! You go girl :)

  2. Those flowers are NEAT!

    I've been giving myself the same challenge with my sets, as too many sit unloved. It's such a neat way to challenge yourself too!

  3. Beautiful colors this morning! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

  4. I'm watching Project Accessory right now - love it! I want a cool cuff but I'm like you and don't really wear accessories that much - I love the felt flowers - wish I knew how to make them!