Sunday, November 13, 2011

a fairy tale ending, or is it...

Oh how I love the moments when an idea comes, I sit down and make something as I have imagined and we all live happily ever after. It's kind of like a fairy tale ending most days, with the exception of yesterday and today. My little men are in bed at the moment...ok, they are chattering away still but we can imagine they are fast asleep by now. I am in my craft room (slash) computer room (slash) the messiest room in the house. The wheels they are a turnin' and I am not moving a muscle. I want to create, but each attempt is just a little off. Something is just not calling out to me as it usually does. Too much going on up there...or nothing at all...either way not so helpful. Anyway, thought I would share one project that turned out as imagined a couple of weeks back using Pink Persimmon stamps...
Time to separate my thoughts, make a list...maybe too organized for me, or maybe just take a little break for a day or two and play catch up. Oh that sounds difficult, especially when my men are away all day and leave me home with my beautiful papers and crafting tools. Well, printed out a few templates to create some holiday gift boxes and maybe sitting down, watching a movie and cutting some paper may do me some good.


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  1. Beautiful card, love the stitching and the quilted look. :)