Monday, November 28, 2011

tied in knots...

There is something about this month that is keeping my tummy tied in knots. From the list of to-dos for the holiday season to the company and lists of places to see...I can't seem to catch my breath. My escape...getting a few cuddles from my little men and those much loved artistic moments. But today...they are at school and I am finding myself staring off into space and just feeling a little dizzy. Put on my running shoes for the second day now, feeling a little sore from yesterday though, in hopes that this may take my mind off of it all. Over the past few years I have juggled with the waves of uncertainty and just being plain overwhelmed. Luckily it only takes a glance over at my hubby, watching my little men being silly or just sitting back and taking a deep breath to get my head back in the "game". So as I wrap up my Etsy shop for a few days, try to focus on one thing at a time...little by little it will all come together and I will get through this...I hope :) So before I take a few down days, just a few projects... The ornament below can be found here for Glue Arts today. We just put out our blue reindeer the day before and had to include this little guy in my ornament photo. About two years ago my mother-in-law sent one per week to us via the postal service. Loved this idea and it is a joy putting them out each year.This card is posted on Gel-A-Tins blog here. Found these wooden snowflakes at the craft store the other day and just called out for some paint and I did. Think it jazzes up this card...
This week Epiphany Crafts is featuring projects using their scallop punch. Oh boy did I have fun with this one. The supply list and more fun projects can be found here.Oh...(deep breath)...I don't mean to let it all hang out, but sometimes this serves as such a place. You are all so great and it is this little world that always makes me smile.


  1. Andrea, browsing through all of your lovely creations always perks up my are so talented and it is wonderful that you share it with us!

  2. Wow llots incredible projects today Andrea! I love the ornament you shared would love to see the blue reindeer. Holiday hugs! :-)Amy

  3. Hi Andrea, Your blog is always such a lovely place to visit. Your creativity is amazing and these projects are just perfect. I wish I could motivate myself into putting my running shoes back, but these dark cold mornings have made me want to snuggle up in my bed for just that little bit longer!


  4. Hi Andrea! I stumbled across your blog several days ago and jotted it down. Finally came back for a visit. I'm your newest follower...great work and inspiration to be had here! I look forward to all you have to share ;)