Friday, December 9, 2011

an empty room...

My parents have departed and it will be several months before we see them again. Felt as if our time spent together was short this time, but look forward to planning our visit for next year. Just thankful that we are able to see each other as often as we do being so far apart. I know my little men enjoy the visits.Now that the house is quiet, a few more orders to complete for the year and as I mentioned new supplies to be can probably guess how I might be spending the next few days before our next visitors arrive. My hubby, making if very clear today that it is time to clean up and prepare...kind of heard, wait until the day before and relax until then? I think I like my interpretation. Spending Sunday making a bunch of Christmas cookies with our closest friends and we will see if we get past the first batch (kind of broke my mixer last year and have yet to replace it...all arm muscle here). I have received mixed tins of homemade cookies from our friends and families in the past and would love to give this year. So I am going to keep crafting, keep sharing and come back tomorrow for a little giveaway. I have "him" already to send to a good home...Will share the rest of this tomorrow, but until then...hope you are enjoying your Friday. Not to scare you, but only two more weeks until the big day. I am sure we are all rushing around watching our lists grow and shrink with each passing day.



  1. These are darling Andrea. I think I agree with you, sometimes after guest one just needs a bit of "me" time to regroup and unwind before preparing for the next round! Take care and have a delightful day!

  2. Oh wow! So precious! Thank you so much for this opportunity!