Tuesday, December 13, 2011

no sleeping please...

Spent the evening, into the wee hours of the morning, wide awake. My mind on overdrive and me trying to tell it to slow down.

Remember to...

clean the house.
make sure karate uniform is clean.
send out last minute gifts.
holiday party items.
NO SUGAR tomorrow for anyone...treats on lock down. (not working, already had two mini cookies...so should they count?)
plan out how to start my Project Life scrapbook. (ok, not necessary but still fun)
plan meals for when family visits.
RUN at some point...not just away from cleaning the bathrooms.
take the time to wear anything but sweats this week.
decide if this is the year that my hubby and I finally exchange gifts. (we find it strange, which is kind of strange I guess)

I am sure there were more topics going through my head. Had about two glasses of milk, read, watched television and at some point laid down with my eyes forced shut for an hour...I know since I kept peeking at the clock. Finally, 3:15 am rolled around and it was time to get serious. Kept thinking I would hear my oldest thumping down the stairs before 7 am...which did happen.

Two weeks ago I was determined to take at least two months off of my Etsy shop. Time to reflect, actually take a few photos of family time and not just my projects, get serious about this workout thing, cook more than one meal in a week and the list goes on (my life usually doesn't consist of lists...really not that organized). Think it must have all hit me at once last night...oh no, what am I going to do with this time. After creating the teacher gifts I realized I was done, pretty much anyway. It all hit me at once and that is when I put on a movie, pulled up to a box of cookies and ducked away a few times to do some impulsive online shopping. Thank goodness I survived last night :)

Now onto the craftiness that is my blog... This card was created for Gel-A-Tins today, a little up-do from what is posted on the blog. Just playing around with my new button/badge maker and having a good ol' time. Very simple card but with "bold" embellishments. Remember I am picking a winner this evening at midnight (hopefully I am sleeping at that time) for the owl ornament/tag below. Don't forget to enter if you haven't already.