Wednesday, December 14, 2011

press play...

one child down.
one little man's broken heart.
one cup of coffee in hand.
one messy house.
one mother.
one grandmother.
one stressed hubby...

All adds up and quickly too. Family visiting from out of town for the next week and preparing the best I can. My oldest is home with a sneaky cold as I had to break the news to my littlest man that I couldn't volunteer at his school for craft day today. Reminded him that his Granna will be here shortly with lots of kisses, hugs and probably a little something special just for him tucked away in her luggage. Guess what...he moved on and perked up. After cleaning yesterday I began to pull out some papers and items to create a mini album. This doesn't happen often as it can overwhelm me...all of those blank pages staring back at me saying "dress me up", but I was excited. However, after a night of watching my oldest break a board in karate (boy was he scared) and playing a few rounds of what I now know of Angry Birds, the supplies are still sitting in the same place on the table. Kind of nice to just let life happen.I am still working on the next giveaway and will have a winner of the owl ornament by tomorrow. This card was another one created for the teacher gift. Love this mix of trims here, the little bit of frayed fabric peeking out behind the paper and the cute wire flower from Maya Road that I got here.



  1. Another gorgeous creation Andrea.


  2. This is darling Andrea! Love the layered pompoms and that sweet wire flower. Sorry you have a sick boy on your hands, glad to hear you little one perked up at the sound of Grandma coming! Hope you get caught up and you and your hubby destress!!!

  3. I love your work - it is not really my style but I so want to learn. I have subscribed to your blog for some time and love it!