Friday, February 3, 2012

all set...

Friday, down day, happy day, crafty day, oh my goodness what happened to our house day...yes, these can describe each and every Friday for us about you? The kids are excited for the end of the week, as usual. We have eaten everything in the house and have become creative in making a meal. School papers and clothes are scattered about...just when you think you cleaned one corner of the room the other piles double in size. It is ok though...this is what happens and just gotta go with the flow.
Yesterday on the Momenta blog I created a tutorial on how to create this card and gift bag set...
Love making these. Lots of layers, as usual. Well, creating a bunch of new items to keep in my shop and can't wait to share them here soon. Busy weekend ahead and fun projects to share next week! Have fun this weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Simply gorgeous; adore everythg about your cards. Did you cut one of your layers using felt? Does it matter on the thickness of the felt you use?

    Have a great weekend,