Tuesday, April 3, 2012

made for her...

With mother's day just around the corner, a need for a little friend time and my mother's birthday not so far away...spending some time crafting just for "her" this week. Believe my crafting is much more dolled up than I am. Spend so much time getting each embellishment the right color, placement and making sure that all of the lines are clean and finished well. Me...I can get ready in minutes, rarely put on makeup (think I only have eyeliner...yep, I do) and usually grab one of four outfits that are always ready to go on my dresser. Don't put on an ounce of jewerly, except for my wedding ring of course (which couldn't move from my finger if I tried at this point) and struggle each day with the task of de-frizzing my hair. Is this common? Should I really be spending this much time on crafting and not myself...yes ?!? I love how you can make something, take a photo, nip, tuck, and polish the picture to make it just...ahhh, dreamy. Everyday you can work with a new color, material, technique and add that excitment. Don't think new clothes, coloring my hair or painting my nails would make me feel the same way. So as I sit here with my hair thrown back in a pony tail, the same ol' workout outfit and dragging a bit this morning...I am sharing with you projects that celebrate me, you...just "her". This week on Epiphany Crafts it is all about the spring accessories...and oh how I loved creating this little gift pack. I sat down, beads rolling across the table and began creating to the best of my ability. Still in training on this craft, but love how simple it is to create a pair of earings using just a couple of supplies...Maybe I will have to begin wearing jewelry after all if I can make my own...just don't look too closely at them :) The first card is posted on Gel-A-Tins blog today. A complete list of supplies can be found on Epiphany Crafts or Gel-A-Tins. Just before I sign off and go on to clean up the mess I created from a scrapping craze last night...My monday card for Chic Tags using Week In the Life printable images. Enjoy your day!



  1. Beautiful creations Andrea!

  2. So beautiful and gem-a-licious!You are such an inspiring creative genius!