Friday, April 20, 2012

she said...

Have difficulties some days trying to find the perfect words to lift my little one's spirits after a difficult day on the playground. What can I say that he will understand? How can I make him understand that there are just those throughout life that you won't be friends with no matter how hard you try and that is ok. It is easy to keep him happy and safe beside me, but realize that...yes, he is growing...quickly. So I have been getting inspiration from Pinterest again, reading the quotes and incorporating them into projects that may help us both through this growing period.These tags were created for Gel-A-Tins blog today. Had fun stamping then die cutting, layering (of course) and just having fun with color and typed quotes. Making this quick as I have much to do...start the slow cooker, bake a cake, wrap gifts (how do you wrap a skateboard?) and clean...oh, and probably find a moment to create something new to share this weekend as the rains are headed for us keeping us inside. Have a wonderful Friday and again, go get inspired!


Note: The first fabric wall hang was published in Create: Vintage magazine recently and thought I would share a bit of it today.

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  1. Such hard times when our children hurt! We hurt just as much for them. Congrats on being published again. Those little cut out cards are so cute.