Monday, May 14, 2012

beautiful butterfly...

Have you ever watched Bug's Life from Disney?  There is a character in this movie that is just too cute...that cute caterpillar, who eventually turns into a butterfly at the end..."I'm a beautiful butterfly" (but in the most adorable voice).  Spent some time weeding, trimming and planting today just hoping to attract a little butterfly like this one, but I am thinking it may take some time.  Each year we attract less butterflies and trying so hard to get them to come around.  I have planted all of the right flowers, but realizing that fewer and fewer are even around our neighborhood. So sad, but until then I will be happy scrapping with a few.
This card and house set are posted today on Riddersholm Designs.  My first post there and so excited to share.  The papers, designs, images and colors are just so beautiful.
Spent the day cleaning out the ol' craft room...long overdue and I am sure you can all relate.  Once it is clean and organized I am sure it may take only ten minutes to mess it up again, but all worth it for the time being.  Before I go, I will announce a winner of the giveaway tomorrow with my tutorial.  Also, my Etsy shop will be open this weekend.  Nighty, night!



    I love this set!!!!
    Sad you don't have many butterflies there...we have tons here in Texas. They are EVERYWHERE right now!
    Have a good night!

  2. Love this card. I like butterflies too, and we still get a fair amount of them. Not as many hummingbirds this year though, so far anyway.

  3. It so beautiful!
    and it is really true about cleaning... 5 minutes and my crafty things everywhere...I think it is better to have crafty house instead crafty room!

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Just amazing Love this ones again ^_^"

    Hugs Sonja x

  5. Wow! so pretty!I heart the colors!^_^

  6. Very PRETTY...LVOE the little butterfly house!!