Wednesday, May 16, 2012

so true..

Do you ever watch or read something that speaks to you, something that says "this is me"?  Catching up on the Brave Girls Club posts the other and there it was a post HERE about waiting for the other shoe to drop...oh my goodness, does this describe me.  A habit that has developed over the past six years that I wish would just vanish.  To recognize it daily, shift your train of thought and just be in the moment is something that can be difficult to do...however, I am willing to try.  So my project today is just that..."Enjoy Today".  Things may go wrong, people may not agree with what you say or do (which often consumes me), but just be here now. 
This card set was created for my Wednesday post with Precious Remembrance.  So many sentiment stamps that work well together.  Also added the felt flowers using the heart border from Papertrey Ink for this week's MIM challenge.  If you haven't checked out Brave Girls Club  I am sure you will find something that speaks to you.  I know that I promised the tutorial today; however, I am not getting good photos,  the sun is hiding...check back tomorrow as I am sure the sun will be making an appearance then :)

Enjoy today!



  1. These are so sweet Andrea I always enjoy popping by to see what you've whipped up! Have a delightful day ;)

  2. These are THE sweetest!! The colors and patterns are so fresh! Love the flowers with that little gathered look...too cute!

  3. Beautiful creations Andrea.


  4. These are just beautiful! I love everything about these cards! Thanks for inspiring me (with both the cards and your was a good reminder for me to enjoy today!). :)

  5. Lovely cards! Great soft-yet-bold look to the flowers!

  6. Gorgeous flowers! Love what you did and I will have to check out brave girls club as I don't know what it is...:)