Thursday, May 17, 2012

tut, tut...

First...and long overdue, the winner of the magazine and home wall hang is Sheri (PaperCrafty)!  Contact me at so I can send this out to you.  I have spent the last few days clearing out my craft room and working on a new giveaway in the next few days so stay tuned...Now, on to a little tutorial and project share...yeah!  Ok, so I keep everything.  I can't seem to get rid of scrap pieces of paper, ribbon and especially felt.  There is something that seems so wrong about throwing them away.  So I force myself to think of ways to use them...and here we go.
This is where it begins.   Although these may seem quite large in the photo...some are just teeny, tiny.  In this tutorial I am going to create some jewelry...perfect way to use scaps, be creative and coordinate with your wardrobe.  Before you begin choose your colors and pattern.  I am using two circles in the same color as I would one bead.  I began  by die cutting several tiny circles using Sizzix Flower, Build a Flower die.  Love using Sizzix with fabric and felt as you can do several layers at one time. 
I die cut as I was stringing them to make sure I had enough.  Next, add the clasp to thread or wire and tie or attach using a crimp bead.  Add bead between clasp and first set of circles.
Begin to string your felt circles.  This photo gives you an idea of the size.  I then added a bead between each set of six felt pieces.  This gives the pieces a little more weight.
Just make sure to finish the piece as you started with the bead and clasp.  There you have it.  I used a magnetic clasp for both the necklace and bracelet.  For the necklace I used wire to create the felt piece and added it to a chain.  Would love to make one in white or cream as well.  Hope this inspires you to use those tiny scrap pieces!  Now to share two projects with you.  The first for Epiphany Crafts today.  A butterfly photo holder and card....
Next, my Momenta card set post this week...

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  1. What a great way to use up all those little pieces of felt ! Such fab necklaces.

    Once again loved catching up with all your wonderful creations today.

    A big Ribbon Girl welcome to you too, it's wonderful having you join the team.


  2. amazing projects, Im adoring the felt bracelet, thanks for sharing tutorial :) x

  3. I'm in love with your fun felt jewelry! Great post, fabulous projects!

  4. I loved seeing all your wonderful projects! You do a great job.

  5. Whoa! Whoa! Oh wow! I don't know what else to say! These projects are incredible! :)

  6. Hi, new here. Do you have any tips for getting nice felt pieces out of your die cutter? Which Sizzix model do you use? I have been looking to purchase one, especially for fabric/felt and appreciate any input I can find. Love the project!

  7. Wow! Your blog is just full of fun and adorable inspiration! I keep hitting "older post" and can't seem to leave!!!! I just signed up to receive your posts in my email! Love your style!!! :)

    Jill /Seattle, WA