Friday, June 22, 2012

fly like the butterfly...

There is something about adding a butterfly to a project that puts a big ol' smile on my face.  Everything from die cutting, stamping, pre-printed die sheets, cutting from patterned paper or even going digital.  They give a project movement, dimension and color...the three items I tend to live by when creating.  Whether you embellish, layer or stamp is a place you can have butterflies all year round.



  1. More super sweetness it!! I saw my first ever lavender butterfly yesterday. So TINY and pretty!

  2. beautiful :) butterfiles are always beautiful, these collages are such fun :) ♥

  3. Hi Andrea

    Wonderful as always !!
    Love getting your mail every day your so darn good lady;)
    Love your butterfly's and yesterday your flowers wow
    Your technique is amazingly just like the bright colors
    Love everything!
    Big hugs
    Thanks for your inspiration
    Sonja x