Saturday, August 18, 2012

contained vintage...

Happy Saturday....I am working the vintage theme today over at Vintage Street Market and had to pop in to share these little finds.  I recently visited an estate sale with my mother while she was visiting and came across a home of a crafter/collector.  Boxes of doilies, fabric, buttons, much loveliness.  The lady who had lived their had a passion for creating and had a vision of what my future may look like.  Vintage sewing machines and cabinets filled with every color of thread lined the dining room.  Picked up a few of these treasures, came home, and spread it all across the table as if I were a kid on Halloween after a big night out.  So my project today features a doily flower atop this canning jar and some vintage fabric to embellish a little more with some color.  If you are out looking for your own treasures today...wishing you happy finds!



  1. You must have felt like a kid in a candy store when you walked in on those goodies Andrea! Would love to have been there too! Pretty projects today, sweet deorated jar!!

  2. oh so lucky! love that you were able to find all that loveliness! your projects are perfect :D keep using what you got, we want to see more of it!