Wednesday, August 1, 2012

enjoy the journey...

Let the journey begin!  Good morning, afternoon or evening...hope you are enjoying your Wednesday.  We are still pacing the floors waiting for the return of the boys.  Darn plane...but know they were having a fun filled extra day with my parents.  This is how the final day went...
My boys have been hard at work for the past three weeks working in the garden at both their grandparents' home.  The night before they were to come home my youngest was out in the garden, late into the night, planting carrot seeds...three to be exact.  He made sure to pour plenty of water on the "crop" and wait.  Meanwhile, my dad headed home from work and stopped by to pick up some carrots, in full form.  Can  you see where this is going?  The next morning they headed out to check on the newly planted garden...
To their surprise the carrots grew!  They were so excited, discussing amongst themselves how three seeds turned into four carrots, but in the end they agreed I guess that maybe two seeds were stuck together.  They were washed and both ate them...which is a little strange since I can't seem to get our youngest to eat carrots at home.  Both loved them and just by looking at this picture you can tell how proud they are of all the hard work.  So cute.  My husband and I grew up in the country and now we live in a very busy, very large city and it is the summer back home that I miss the most.  The fact my kids can run around two acres of what we consider "normal" grass, fields and splashing in the streams is so amazing.  Reminds me of the many days I spent with my sister playing in the tall field of grass, running through the sprinklers, picking blackberries, catching snakes and bees (would never do that now) and spending hours outdoors.  I am so thankful that they are able to spend time there, although I miss them terribly.  Ok...onto the project...
Today this card is posted on the Chic Tags blog.  I love with these canvas butterflies from Maya Road and will be featured in a project for Momenta at the end of the week.  Also, I am excited to announce that I am now apart of the Ginger Snap Scraps Design Team!  An amazing team that features theme projects daily.  

Well, back to pacing the floors and making sure they are flying in today. Have a wonderful day.



  1. What a fun time the boys have had. They may be very keen to see what other vegetables they can grow over night in the garden on their return!

    Such a beautiful card Andrea, everything about it is just perfect!


  2. This sweet story is priceless!! Grandpas are truly the best ;) Love this cute card too, the canvas butterflies are super!

  3. What a wonderful grandpa! What a priceless story:)

  4. Great story and I hope they never lose that magic! They'll be straight out to plant more carrots when they get home! Your tag is lovely by the way, hugs Mary G x

  5. great mix of papers on this one. did you make that flower felt embellishment yourself? i LOVE it!

    and those butterflies are amazing.