Monday, August 13, 2012

just peeking...

Did you have a great weekend...or did it speed by like it has here.  Only a couple of days remain until school begins here, my mom is departing tomorrow and the alarm clock is getting plugged back in tonight...oh the changes that will be.  Wanted to stop by the blog and introduce a new digital set that is fun, colorful and sentiments to match. Stay tuned for a full week of Riddersholm Design, Chic Tags, Precious Remembrance, Epiphany Crafts and another tutorial on using more of my digital images.  Found a few vintage fabrics over the weekend that will be showcased here this week in some sewing projects that will first need to be created :)   See you soon!



  1. What a sweet and happy little set, Andrea!! School starts in the morning for my critters...everyone is tucked in! I think I may have tucked in a few butterflies, too! Such an exciting time of year! But I'm enjoying the quiet and a little visiting before I call it quits. So glad to see this happy little peek from you!

  2. Oh my geez! I am in the process of decorating my classroom for my Pre-Kers and my theme is little furry monsters!!! I cannot wait to get access to this! I hope I can soon!

  3. hahaha, i love these guys... so so so cute! can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve :D