Tuesday, August 7, 2012

let's assemble...

Oh the sun is shining, the boys are full of energy, the day is open to any adventure...then there is me...sitting here waiting for the energy to kick in and find the desire to leave the house today.  After three weeks of staying in day after day and then a week full of outings...someone may have to drag me out of the house at this point.  But, while I am here I might as well have a little fun in the craft room and mixing up a few goodies to post in the shop.  You can now find these printed sets of tags, stick pins and flowers in one embellishment kit here.  This features two new tag sets from my digital collection, three tags from Take Notes, three tags from Checklist, one crochet flower, one felt flower, one printed CPT tag with 21" fabric ribbon and five stick pins to match.  All comes together in one embellished envelope closed with twine and a button that can be used on any project!  Get one while supplies last and the coupon code is still active.  They will be shipping by the middle of next week!


Also...just completed CPT's first 12" digital paper pack.
Now available!


  1. love your new papers Andrea!

  2. Love your style! Do you need a specific type of printer or can you use an inkjet printer for digital stamps? Thnx.

  3. Those little heart stick pins are adorable and the new paper!

  4. those stick pins were the first thing i saw... but i LOVE everything else too... the colors are the best part, i think :D hooray hooray :D