Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We have made our way through a few days now on the CPT blog and so excited to have so many of you participate.

Preparing for more introductions this week and the challenges to come...stay tune!  It has been a roller coaster of a week thus far as we make our way through school routines, our first signs of a cold (think it was that one kid in karate last week who kept coughing on everything...including my little one...ok, it was bound to happen) and finding time to create for the new blog.  Here is a glimpse at a project I am working on for an upcoming challenge...
Something colorful and full of layers to make this day a little brighter.  Just a note that the shop will be updated on Friday with a few new collections of items...which are still swimmin' around in this head of mine and need to find time to get creative...



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our little intros Andrea! This week is just too fun. Speaking of fun, look at this pretty little gem of yours. Sweet striped ribbons you've used! Hope your little ones are feeling better soon...germs ugh!

  2. (...there's always a snotty kid hidin' out somewhere, isn't there?) Look at that adorable flower!!! I LOVE it! And I am totally hooked on those little gadgets you show off from Epiphany Crafts (in the center???). Our Hobby Lobby carries only a few of the circular cutters, bubble caps, and metal charms, but none of the pretty plastic/resin ones you have...I LOVE the look of those! Thanks so much for my pretty collage, Andrea!!

  3. enjoying meeting all your talented team members Andrea :) love your beautiful crochet flower ♥

  4. Ooooh lookin good Andrea. Love the colour combo and the gorgeous crochet flower.
    Hope your sickies get better soon.
    Luv Sandie

  5. A fabulous ob abd web-site! Love your sneeks :-)

  6. Lovely, lovely and again lovely every time I am waiting to see a new inspiration and you are always surprising me with so many talented people and creative things

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