Monday, November 26, 2012

back to the basics...

Did you head out for some holiday shopping this weekend?  I had one store...just mind.  When Saturday hit I jumped out of bed, got ready, one little man in tow and headed to Joann's.  That was all I needed to kick off some of the holiday projects I have in mind.  Found some beautiful quilting fabrics, a pattern for an apron and this beautiful flower pin to make it extra special...why not, right?  With so much fabric, the plan is to create a quilted throw blanket, oven mitts and see what we have left over...maybe something little for myself.

I spent some time just hangin' with my boys this week.  Took a few walks, played a little tag and snapped a few pictures.  Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man?  There is a run group in the movie that snaps photos during their run and it gave me an idea.  After deciding to scale back a bit with the closing of my shop and challenge blog, I am committing myself to live more in the moment with who and what is around me.  So this is just one of the photos taken on that walk...

I love the idea of heading out and about just clicking away.  We took a few on the walk to the park, a at the play ground and on the walk/run home.  I guess if I wasn't so behind in technology and actually had a camera on my phone this may be a little easier...but I don't so the camera is just fine by me. 

Before I being working on dinner and a few projects for Wednesday that I am in the middle of...check out my almost completed advent calendar over at Riddersholm.

Enjoy your day and see you back here soon!



  1. This project is looking really pretty, Andrea! Love the shot of your boys! Sometimes it's hard to get those non-posed action shots...but they're the best!!!

  2. Oh I can just see the three of you skipping along to the park...such a cute picture Andrea!

    Love the sneak peek of your project..can't wait to see the whole thing!

  3. sorry but I went over and couldn't find it? can you add the link?