Wednesday, November 28, 2012

where there is holiday cheer...

Where is the time going these days?  Jumping from cleaning, to doing a little shopping, to the play dates and trying to fit in work outs.  My poor little feet, but it is greatly needed here.  Before I spend the evening creating for something very exciting to come in a couple of weeks I wanted to hop on and share today's projects from Lily Bee and Precious Remembrance.
A little snowman puts a smile on my face any day.  I love just using the scissors and paper to create these little guys.  So easy to create.  For supplies head on over to Lily Bee today!  Next a little something for Precious Remembrance.
Additional project information can be found on the PR blog today as well.  Love finding wooden pieces around the craft room to embellish.  Finally, a little snapshot of my day as I walked to pick the kids up from school.
Enjoy carrying the camera around in my pocket for simple moments like these.  I have felt for the past five years that it is easy to get wrapped up in the drama that can be life sometimes that you miss the little moments.  This photo stood out today as he is all dressed in his school uniform, crunching acorns under his feet and waiting for his big brother to be released from school.  He is still my baby at six years old, that is for sure.

Have a peaceful evening and see you back here soon! 



  1. What a darling snowman Andrea! I like the tiny holy leaves and button berries. You are a whiz kid with these little wooden spool creations girl, can I come to your house to play !?!

    Love this pic of your little guy. Hey mine is all grown up and married, but he will always be my baby ;)

  2. You've done a great job with the snowman he's adorable. Caroline xxx

  3. Love that adorable snowman card!
    jenny dot naus at yahoo dot com

  4. This is just the cutest thing, Andrea!!!

  5. This is SO cute! I just love that adorable snowman!!

  6. Love your snowman - he's super cute! I'm in awe of your handcutting skills.
    April C.